Nhs Pathfinder Project

This Project called Widening Digital Participation is funded by NHS Digital in conjunction with the wonderful Good Things Foundation. Widening Digital Participation aims to reduce digital exclusion in the UK, and ensure people have the skills they need to access relevant health information and health services online.

There is a huge crossover between those who are digitally excluded, and those at risk of poor health and the project aims to provide people with digital skills to allow them to take charge of their own health. As the health service is becoming increasingly digitised, the Widening Digital Participation programme is looking to ensure that inequalities resulting from digital exclusion don’t become more pronounced.

We are working with partners and other organisation in the area, as well as GP practices and others in the Health Service to see how technology and digital can help people with health issues, find out information or just to discover what is available that could be beneficial for them or those close to them. There have been lots of changes to the Centre too which we are very pleased with. Don't worry about all this talk of computers and digital, the project is just as much about providing you with the knowledge of what may help as much as it is about gaining any fancy new computer skills. If in finding things out we use technology, great, but it may just be that a chat and a cuppa is just as helpful.

Thanks to John and Venessa Pearson from the Doorways Project for their involvement in putting the project together and who will continue to be key partners as we move forward especially in helping with the health and wellbeing of our young people.

More details will follow, but if you would like to know more information just call Paul or Sue on 01287 236016